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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Monarch Music & Media - Site Update 31/12/2013

Monarch Music & Media

Site Update 31/12/2013

Welcome to the final update of 2013, a year which for myself started out very quietly but became really busy in the final couple of months due to the launch of the Monarch Music & Media venture!

Personally it has been a real roller coaster of a year, losing several good friends way before their time has been difficult and indeed forces one to rethink their outlook on life in many ways, perhaps persuading us in some cases to take more chances and opportunities if and when they come our way. On the positive side I have been very much impressed with the coverage the website has enjoyed in its first 6 weeks or so, having only a minimal budget for advertising and marketing available it was always a concern but social media such as Facebook and Twitter seemed to have worked well.

The Facebook advertising in particular has proved to be the highlight of the last couple of weeks, reaching more new visitors than ever before and across several countries, this had started off rather slowly but now seems to be gathering momentum nicely. Also the Amazon aStore pages have been showing an increased interest of late, I guess not too surprising with it being the holiday period but still nice to see.

Looking ahead to the New Year I hope to further improve the range and choice of music and media items for sale on the website and hopefully if time permits I would like to add more content to the DJing side of Monarch Music & Media with maybe some more mixes and/or production products added to Mixcloud and SoundCloud respectively...

It just now remains for me to wish you all a Happy New Year and a healthy and prosperous 2014, if you're out partying have a great night!


Sunday, 22 December 2013

Monarch Music & Media - Site Update 22/12/2013

Monarch Music & Media

Site Update - 22/12/2013

The past week seems to have really flown by and as usual for myself thoughts have turned to some last-minute shopping in preparation for the holidays. The major website news is that earlier in the week I took a good look at all the content and while I am reasonably happy with the amount of items available I did feel the general look and feel of the web pages could be improved. This of course is a longer and more drawn out task now than when the website was created only a month ago with around 85 pages to edit!

There has also been some positive news on the marketing front after a good friend kindly provided me with some advertising space on one of the virtual worlds programs which gets quite high visitor traffic so it's nice to see Monarch Music & Media now has a presence in cyberspace.

Hopefully the site now looks more linear and uniform that it did previously and this should make it quicker and easier when adding new content and replacing existing content in the future but as ever feedback is much appreciated so any comments, thoughts or ideas can be posted up on the site forum or you can contact me via Facebook, Twitter and email or simply reply directly to the site update blog.

As we approach the year end I think the next steps will be to add some more live eBay auction links to some of the pages that currently do not have them and possibly a little more content on the mp3 front.

There is still plenty of space for reciprocal linking so if you would like a link to your business or personal website, Facebook page, blog etc please get in touch and a banner ad or logo can be created.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to those celebrating!


Saturday, 14 December 2013

Monarch Music & Media - Site Update 14/12/2013

Monarch Music & Media

Site Update 14/12/2013

Welcome to the latest update which I guess is unofficially becoming a weekly update at the moment but the plan really is to add these when there is new news, content and site updates and not just because a certain time limit might be reached etc.

I've been concentrating mainly on the advertising and marketing side of things during the last week, looking into places I can promote the site with some real diversity ranging from the more obvious music and social media forums and sites to the more obscure ones such as virtual worlds. I also took a closer look at Facebook advertising which is probably going to take a deal of experimentation and some degree of trial and error as you can set various parameters when creating the adverts to produce some very different results each time.

Having found the eBay live RSS feeds to be useful in that they provide constantly updated information with links to live auctions I have increased their presence on the website with the intention of focussing on specific genres to make them as relevant as possible to what the customer is searching for.

That's all for this time, once again thanks to everyone for reading and I hope you are all well!


Saturday, 7 December 2013

Monarch Music & Media - Site Update 07/12/2013

Monarch Music & Media

Site Update - 07/12/2013

Into December and Monarch Music & Media is already 3 weeks old!
On reviewing some of the media content again I noticed that some of the CD pages were a little sparse compared to the Vinyl and DVD areas so this week I have been focussing on adding links in the House, Jazz, Pop, R&B and Trance CD sections, 60 in total and covering a wide range of musical tastes with lots of them being bestsellers and current chart toppers.
I'd like to be really flexible with the site regarding content so again visitor feedback and opinion is very much encouraged and appreciated, if there are any music genres or artists, tv or movie categories etc in particular that you would like to see more of for sale then you can either leave a message on the website forum, send an email to or find me via Facebook or Twitter.
I've not had much time at all to turn my attentions to my own Christmas shopping this week but I hope it isn't stressing everyone out so far!
That's about all from me for now so enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone :)


Saturday, 30 November 2013

Monarch Music & Media - Site Update 30/11/2013

Monarch Music & Media

Site Update - 30/11/2013

It has been a rather eventful week of ups and downs, the last couple of days being rather a setback after having some computer issues which resulted in the reinstalling of Windows 7, luckily I managed to salvage all the important files so it was only time that was lost.

Earlier in the week was much better as there was good news back from eBay agreeing my application to be affiliate partners with them, meaning I can now place live RSS feed links to eBay auctions directly on within their relevant music genre sections, this being particularly handy because there is a vast amount of vinyl records on eBay all the time!

Site content has remained the priority too and there are now a selection of Trance MP3 downloads on the Dance & Electronic MP3 page. The Pop MP3 and Rock MP3 pages have also been updated similarly with several links to downloads now available.

Now that the computer is up and running again the next immediate job is to add to the DVD content, most likely some thumbnail links to new content across the 4 existing genre sections of Comedy, Drama, Family & Music and possibly the creation of 1 or 2 new genre sections in future.

That's all for now, enjoy your weekend folks!


Monday, 25 November 2013

Monarch Music & Media - Site Update 25/11/2013

Hi again everybody,

The last few days I have been kept very busy adding more content to the website and generally tidying up and improving the look, feel and navigation so that hopefully it is even more user friendly now.

Latest changes and additions to the website :-

1. The growing number of Amazon aStores now total as follows, UK 6, Canada 5, USA 5, France 4, Germany 4 (France and Germany being new additions.)

2. Much more content has now been added to the PC & Video Games section with pages being created for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3 and PC formats. On these pages you will find game descriptions and direct links to Amazon where they can be purchased.

3. Some of my music and craft beer friends have kindly allowed me permission to link to their websites / Facebook pages so those now appear in the Links section under the Music and Food & Drink subheadings respectively. I'm looking to grow this links section so if any of you are interested in having a link to your Facebook page, blog or website please get in touch as it is a great way of publicising your venture.

4. There is now a direct link to the Monarch Music & Media blog updates on the website, not surprisingly this can be found under the Blog heading and is a useful reference when wanting to check out the latest site news.

That's about all for now, thank you all again for your continuing support!


Saturday, 23 November 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special 23.11.2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special 23.11.2013

The Day of the Doctor

One of the most anticipated TV programs of the year if not the decade that is sure to have audiences in the United Kingdom and around the world glued to their screens!

The writing and production team are tributing the program to their legions of dedicated fans worldwide and there will be a simultaenous broadcast in several countries, some cinemas will even be showing it in 3D.

Naturally with all the hype lots of rumours have been thrown up as to the storyline and in particular the ending but all will be revealed at 7.50pm GMT on Saturday 23rd November 2013.

Tenth doctor David Tennant and his then assistant Rose played by Billie Piper will appear in the special along with John Hurt as the "War Doctor", a previously unknown past incarnation of the Doctor who appeared at the end of the Series 7 finale "The Name of the Doctor".

For fans of the monsters and villains the Daleks are set to feature along with the shape-shifting Zygons, who haven't appeared in the program since 1975.

Check out the Monarch Music & Media Doctor Who Amazon aStores for all your Doctor Who merchandise :-

Friday, 22 November 2013

Monarch Music & Media - Site Update 22/11/2013

With the site just a few days old I have to first thank everyone for their support and interest as the response on Facebook in particular has been fantastic!

I would also like to thank several people for giving me some general feedback, reporting any errors or broken links etc and as a result I have been doing a few minor alterations and adding some content in between some site promotion via various search engines and publishing websites.

The main changes in the last couple of days are that I have now added 4 Amazon aStores each for the UK, Canada and the USA, making it easier for our visitors to go directly to their own local version of Amazon rather than have to go to the default UK version then have to log out and back in again if you're not in the UK. I've also tidied up the CD Home section of the Storefront as I felt there were rather a few too many genre categories in the drop down menu so have moved some of the content and condensed it a little so that the navigation looks better.

As always thank you for your continued support and any feedback is appreciated, either by posting on the website forum or contacting me at Facebook or Twitter.

Have a good weekend everyone!


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

DJ Monarch Launches A New Music And Media Website

DJ Monarch now has a web presence after launching Monarch Music & Media where you can find home page links to a selection of his online mixes at Mixcloud and some of his music production ventures at SoundCloud. There is also a two-part DJ biography and the facility to hire his DJ services for your bar or club night, family get together, house party etc.

Vinyl is still very much the order of the day for DJ Monarch who plays an eclectic range of dance music styles including oldskool, drum & bass, techno, house, trance, hip hop, soul, trip hop and downtempo. His mixes tend to focus either on particular genres or specific years as this has proved to have gone down well with listeners who appreciate the variety, both in the early days
playing out and about in the bars and clubs and then more recently via internet radio.

The idea for starting a music and media website stemmed from a combination of the DJ's previous experience within the financial accounting industry which he worked in for many years learning much about good business practice along the way while the musical experience goes back to the late 1990s when a good friend and fellow DJ handed him a lucky local break with a regular warm up set at a local Northwich wine bar of a Friday night playing oldskool house which ended up running for 18 months. From there DJ Monarch went on to internet radio where his Monday night show on Ineffect Radio lasted for 7 years, the longest running show on that station.

Further opportunities to DJ outside the local area were provided during the time at Ineffect Radio, one memorable occasion being the party event put on by the station and held at The Venue in Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire. DJ Monarch's 90 minute set actually became a 3 hour set after one of the other DJs could not attend the event and it was a memorable evening with a great line up including DJ Hixxy who as usual was spinning some happy hardcore. DJ Monarch got his first overseas gig in 2006 when invited to a birthday party event for a girlfriend of one of the Ineffect Radio DJs, this was held in Zurich, Switzerland and once again a great time was had by all.

At the Monarch Music & Media store you'll also find new and used Vinyl Records, CDs, MP3s, TV & Film DVDs, PC & Video Games and other forms of electronic media which are available either directly from the website using PayPal's Buy Now buttons or via links to larger stores such as Amazon and iTunes who offer the customer a huge range of both choice and value.

Visitor interaction is very much encouraged on the website where there is a Guestbook, Guest Map, Forum, Live Chat Room and Blog, the aim being to build a friendly community spirit and a feeling of unity similar to that you find at the better live music events!

In order to aid the future growth and reputation of the website a reciprocal linking scheme is in place whereby other businesses, social network page owners and bloggers can register their interest and then submit their company logos, ad banners and page links etc.